Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Be Kind and Courteous
We're all in this together to create a welcoming and friendly environment. Let\'s treat everyone with respect. Disagreements are bound to happen and are somewhat inevitable, we ask that you do not respond in hatred or anger, but address your concerns in a respectful manner.

Remember: Freedom of Speech means that someone's opinion can make you feel offended, that's what Freedom is all about, that doesn't mean you can't discuss. 

Zero Pornography or Spam
If we discover that you are posting any pornography or spamming our service you will be removed and blocked without further warning.

Reporting Posts and Comments
This is extremely important, if you find any spam or hateful dialogue etc please report it. This really takes a team effort from all users of the https://
antisystem.net, as we wish to bring you the best community experience possible. We pride ourselves in quality content. Thank you and enjoy!